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Jerry Berman: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project

Berman, Jerry
Rubens, Lisa
Jerry Berman: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project
Jerry Berman was a first year law student at Boalt Hall. He discusses how the HUAC hearings in San Francisco 1960 made him an activist, the political influences at Cal of two students, Bill Lockyear, the future California State assemblyman and senator, and Wilson Carey McWilliams, son of the writer and editor of the Nation –whos is also interviewed for this project. Berman had been an undergraduate and MA student at Berkeley, involved in SLATE, and an advocate of student strikes during FSM. The interview follows his career as an attorney in Washington and his founding of the Center for Democracy and Technology, one of the first organizations to focus on civil liberties and cyberspace.
Subject area(s):
Education and University of California
Advocacy and Philanthropy
Interview date(s):
Free Speech Movement
Oskicat record:
Berman, Jerry. "Jerry Berman: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project." Interview by Lisa Rubens in 2000. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2013.