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Richard Buxbaum: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project

Buxbaum, Richard
Rubens, Lisa
Richard Buxbaum: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project
Richard Buxbaum was a professor of law at Boalt Hall whose faculty was called upon by Chancellor Strong “ to provide a clarion call for law and order.” He discusses the effort of the faculty to “hang together” and his own support for the steering committee of the FSM which “ran rings around the administration’s tactical approach because they were always one step behind and one dollar short. They never could get ahead of the curve.” He was asked by Mal Bernstein to join the defense counsul and discusses in detail the questions and concerns in preparing a legal strategy. He also discusses his birth in Germany, his Jewish background and liberal father who moved the family to an Indian reservation in Bombay, New York, his own left leaning experiences at Cornell University, the influence of Frank Newman and Adrian Kragen at Boalt, animosity from some Boalt alumni. Buxbaum concludes with recounting his later work representing the ASUC in anti-draft demonstrations, observations on the Third World Strike at Berkeley, his teaching corporate law and opinion about Critical Legal Studies.
Subject area(s):
Education and University of California
Advocacy and Philanthropy
Interview date(s):
2000 2001
Free Speech Movement
Oskicat record:
Buxbaum, Richard. "Richard Buxbaum: Free Speech Movement Oral History Project." Interview by Lisa Rubens in 2000 and 2001. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2013.