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Carlos Muñoz: Latino Leader and Scholar

Muñoz, Carlos
Garcia, Nick
Carlos Muñoz: Latino Leader and Scholar
Dr. Carlos Muñoz, Jr. is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley. After 44 years of teaching in higher education, he has gained international prominence as political scientist, historian, journalist, and public intellectual. Dr. Muñoz was the founding chair of the first Chicano Studies department in the nation in 1968 at the California State University at Los Angeles and the founding chair of the National Association of Chicana & Chicano Studies (NACCS). He is a pioneer in the creation of undergraduate and graduate curricula in the disciplines of Chicano/Latino & Ethnic Studies. He is the author of numerous pioneering works on the Mexican American political experience and on African American and Latino political coalitions. His book, Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement won the Gustavus Myers Book Award for "outstanding scholarship in the study of human rights in the United States.” The book was a major resource for the PBS television series Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Muñoz was the senior consultant for the project and was also featured in the series. The HBO movie, "Walkout" was based on that series.
Subject area(s):
Education and University of California
Advocacy and Philanthropy
Community and Identity
Interview date(s):
2002 2003
Education and University of California - Individual Interviews
Oskicat record:
Muñoz, Carlos. "Carlos Muñoz: Latino Leader and Scholar." Interview by Nick Garcia in 2002 and 2003. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2014.