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Laura Nader: A Life of Teaching, Investigation, Scholarship and Scope

Nader, Laura
Redman , Samuel
Rubens, Lisa
Laura Nader: A Life of Teaching, Investigation, Scholarship and Scope
Laura Nader is a distinguished professor in UC Berkeley’s Department of Anthropology, was chosen by popular nomination, by the campus community to be the 2013 Regional Oral History Office “Class of 1931” interviewee. This alumni endowment honors a UC Berkeley faculty or staff member who has made a significant contribution to the life of the campus, and Professor Nader more than fits the criteria. Laura Nader was the first tenured woman in her department. She has taught thousands of undergraduates in popular courses such as Anthropology of the Law, Cultural Anthropology and Energy, Culture and Society and Controlling Processes. She has supervised more than a hundred PhD students, many of whom now teach or work in prestigious institutions. She has published research papers and co-edited books with several of her former students. Professor Nader has served on numerous department and campus committees and has taken principled public positions on many of the controversies that have arisen at Cal. And as a scholar, with ten books and close to 290 publications, her breathtaking range of interests and expertise have led her to be a visiting scholar at Yale, Harvard and Stanford, among other institutions, and a sought-after speaker, consultant and advisor for prominent national and international organizations. As such, Laura Nader is an outstanding ambassador for UC Berkeley.
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Education and University of California
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Education and University of California - Individual Interviews
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Nader, Laura. "Laura Nader: A Life of Teaching, Investigation, Scholarship and Scope." Interview by Samuel Redman and Lisa Rubens in 2013. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2014.