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Ronald M. Hirano

Hirano, Ronald M.
Sleeper, Lu Ann
Ronald M. Hirano
Ronald Hirano discusses his family background and his experiences as a student at the California School for the Deaf [CSD], Gallaudet, and at several colleges in California. He describes the impact of World War II on his and his parents’ lives, their incarceration in Topaz, while he stayed in Berkeley at CSD with foster mother Delight Rice. He relates experiences of how his deafness played a role in his development during and after the war and explains how his study and travel have enriched his knowledge of the Deaf community. Ronald wrote a related biography The Life Story of Mother Delight Rice and Her Children: The First Teacher of the Deaf in the Phillipines.
Subject area(s):
Community and Identity
Interview date(s):
Japanese American Confinement Sites
Hirano, Ronald M. "Ronald M. Hirano." Interview by Lu Ann Sleeper in 2013. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2015.