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Miklos Jakabffy: An Interview with Miklos Jakabffy

Jakabffy, Miklos
Thomas, Virginia
Miklos Jakabffy: An Interview with Miklos Jakabffy
Desendant of a noble family, Miklos Jakabffy is the CEO of Decent Travel, a private travel agency in Budapest. He experienced Communist control of education in the gymnasium and university, worked in state-owned travel-related Commerce, Industry, and Labores (airlines, hotels), was restricted in his work because his step-daughter left Hungary illegally, and after 1989 successfully, though with difficulty, started his own Commerce, Industry, and Labor in the new free market economic system. Fluent in English and German, he is the translator and collaborator for this oral history collection. Discursive Table of Contents: Family history—1956 and aftermath—education, college graduation competition prize—airline work, travel, smuggling—arrest, punishment—work and travel in 1980s—private enterprise, beginnings and development.
Subject area(s):
Community and Identity
Community and Identity - Individual Interviews
Jakabffy, Miklos. "Miklos Jakabffy: An Interview with Miklos Jakabffy." Interview by Virginia Thomas in . Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, .