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Mesi Nyilasi: An Interview with Mesi Nyilasi

Nyilasi, Mesi
Thomas, Virginia
Mesi Nyilasi: An Interview with Mesi Nyilasi
Mesi Nyilasi is the daughter of a father who was a waiter and a mother who was an accountant. Born and raised in Budapest, she took two university degrees, one in biology and chemistry, one in English. She taught English language classes for adults for 20-odd years and later, as well as now, does work in documentation for a Hungarian pharmaceutical company. Mesi has many insights into both the political mood of Hungary under the Communist regime and now, after the spring 2010 elections, and into the different cultural situations under the two types of government. Discursive Table of Contents: Family background and education—Work—Travel during Communism—Economic and cultural life under Communism—The Change of 1989—Current political attitudes in Hungary—Sense of security during Communism and now—Hungarian traditions and Communism
Subject area(s):
Community and Identity
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Community and Identity - Individual Interviews
Nyilasi, Mesi. "Mesi Nyilasi: An Interview with Mesi Nyilasi." Interview by Virginia Thomas in 2010. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, .