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Richard Tofel: The Creation and Expansion of ProPublica

Tofel, Richard
Meeker, Martin
Richard Tofel: The Creation and Expansion of ProPublica
Richard Tofel was the founding general manager of ProPublica from 2007-2012, and became president on January 1, 2013. At ProPublica, he has responsibility for all non-journalism operations, including communications, legal, development, finance and budgeting, and human resources. Before ProPublica, he was assistant publisher of The Wall Street Journal and, earlier, an assistant managing editor of the paper, vice president, corporate communications for Dow Jones & Company, and an assistant general counsel of Dow Jones. In this interview, Tofel discusses the following topics: the initial idea for a non-profit investigative reporting organization; the creation and building of ProPublica; early successes of ProPublica; defining impact for ProPublica and investigative journalism overall; working with foundations to measure impact; building a secure funding future for ProPublica.
Subject area(s):
Politics, Law, and Policy
Interview date(s):
Marion and Herbert Sandler
Richard Tofel, “Richard Tofel: The Creation and Expansion of ProPublica,” Marion and Herbert Sandler Oral History Project, conducted by Martin Meeker in 2017, Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2019.