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Judy Irving: A Life in Documentary Film, EBRPD

Irving, Judy
Farrell, Shanna
Judy Irving: A Life in Documentary Film, EBRPD
Judy Irving is a Sundance-and-Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker whose theatrical credits include The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, a feature documentary about the relationship between a homeless street musician and a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco, Pelican Dreams, about California brown pelicans and the people who know them best, and Dark Circle, a personal film about the impact of the nuclear industry on ordinary citizens. In 2015 Judy was elected to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Documentary Branch. In this interview, Irving discusses growing up in New Jersey, developing an interest in filmmaking, various documentary projects, moving to the Bay Area, meeting Bob Walker, and working with the East Bay Regional Park District to collaborate on several documentaries.
Subject area(s):
Natural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment
Interview date(s):
East Bay Regional Park District
Judy Irving, “Judy Irving: A Life in Documentary Film, EBRPD” conducted by Shanna Farrell in 2018, Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2019.