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Julianne Morris: SLATE and Student Activism

Morris, Julianne
Tewes, Amanda
Julianne Morris: SLATE and Student Activism
Julianne Morris is a former social worker and mediator, and was a member of the UC Berkeley student political organization SLATE in the early 1960s. Morris grew up in Compton, California, and attended UC Los Angeles, where she helped found the student political group PLATFORM based on discussions with SLATE members. She then transferred to UC Berkeley, where she became active in SLATE, attending protests and running for ASUC student representative. Morris stayed at UC Berkeley to earn her master’s in social work. She then moved to New York City in 1964 and was a social worker for many years, where she helped start women’s centers, rape crisis programs, and became a part of the women’s movement. She returned to Berkeley in the early nineties and reconnected with former SLATE friends through reunions and an ongoing political discussion group. In this interview, Morris discusses growing up in one of the only Jewish and liberal families in Compton, California; attending UC Berkeley in the early 1960s; joining SLATE and participating in political activities on and off campus, as well as learning about political organizing and running for ASUC representative; being a social worker in New York City, where she helped establish women’s shelters and rape crisis programs; becoming involved with the women’s movement; gender inequalities in SLATE; SLATE reunions and political discussion group; and SLATE’s impact on her career and political involvement.
Subject area(s):
Community and Identity
Education, University of California
Politics, Law, and Policy
Interview date(s):
Julianne Morris, “Julianne Morris: SLATE and Student Activism” conducted by Amanda Tewes in 2019, Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2019.