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Bay Area Foundation History, Volume IV

Benz, Obie
Foster, Richard
Gillette, Edmond S.
Glock, Charles
Kuhn, Jean Gerlinger
Luster, Orville
Roth, William Matson
Sloss, Frank
Stern, Peter
Morris, Gabrielle
Bay Area Foundation History, Volume IV
Discussion of community service and the Rosenberg Foundation; smaller private foundations; university research and grant funding; civic organizations, and San Francisco Foundation trusteeship; Commerce, Industry, and Labor and public policy, Rosenberg and other foundations; school administration, and local, state, and federal funding; community youth agency management and funding; and social change, and the Vanguard Foundation, in interviews with FRANK SLOSS, EDMOND S. GILLETTE JR., CHARLES GLOCK, JEAN GERLINGER KUHN, WILLIAM MATSON ROTH, RICHARD FOSTER, ORVILLE LUSTER, OBIE BENZ, and PETER STERN. Frank Sloss, Tradition and Change: Continuing Education of a Foundation Board Member Edmond S. Gillette, Jr., Smaller Foundation Trusteeship: Obligations to Friendship and the Community Charles Glock, A Sociologist Comments on Getting, Using, and Making Grants Jean Gerlinger Kuhn, Balance and Order in a Community Trust William Matson Roth, The Tradition of Voluntary Solutions to Public Problems Richard Foster, Avoiding Institutional Entropy;A School Superintendent's View Orville Luster, Growth of a Grassroots Youth Agency in the 1960s Obie Benz and Peter Stern, A New Generation of Grant-Making Ideas
Subject area(s):
Community and Identity
Interview date(s):
1974 1975
Advocacy and Philanthropy - Individual Interviews
Oskicat record:
Benz, Obie, Richard Foster, Edmond S. Gillette, Charles Glock, Jean Gerlinger Kuhn, Orville Luster, William Matson Roth, Frank Sloss and Peter Stern. "Bay Area Foundation History, Volume IV." Interview by Gabrielle Morris in 1974 and 1975. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1976.