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San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973

Bodovitz, Joseph E.
Lane, Melvin
Shute, E. Clement, Jr.
Chall, Malca
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973
JOSEPH E. BODOVITZ (b. 1930), first executive director of BCDC, on Senator Eugene McAteer and the study commission, the McAteer-Petris Act and the 1965-1969 planning and permit process, passage of the 1969 act, administration and policy decisions. MELVIN B. LANE (b. 1922), first chairman of BCDC, on theories and practice of chairmanship, relationships with commission members, staff, and pressure groups. E. CLEMENT SHUTE (b. 1939), legal counsel representing the attorney general, discusses decisions on legal issues to be resolved in the courts: fill, the public trust, police power, mitigation, public access. Bodovitz, Joseph E. "Management and Policy Directions." Lane, Melvin B. "The Role of the Chairman in Setting and Maintaining Goals." Shute, E. Clement, Jr. "The Place of the Courts in the Solution of Controversial Policy Issues."
Subject area(s):
Politics, Law, and Policy
Natural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment
Interview date(s):
Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Era
Oskicat record:
Bodovitz, Joseph E., Melvin Lane and Jr. Shute. "San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973." Interview by Malca Chall in 1984. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1986.