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Alfred Fromm: Wines, Music and Lifelong Education

Fromm, Alfred
Crawford, Caroline
Dorfman, Elaine
Teiser, Ruth
Alfred Fromm: Wines, Music and Lifelong Education
Childhood and youth in Germany; emigration, 1936; Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning, San Francisco and Jerusalem; Wine Marketing Center, University of San Francisco; Jewish community activities: Magnes Museum, San Francisco Jewish Community Museum, United Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Jewish National Fund, American Technion Society; Israel's wine industry; Kurt Herbert Adler and San Francisco Opera; founding Music in the Vineyards. Includes an interview with HANNA GRUENBAUM FROMM on resettling Jewish refugees, Fromm Institute, and family; and 1984 ROHO interview, Marketing California Wine and Brandy.
Subject area(s):
Natural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment
Community and Identity
Interview date(s):
1984 1986 1987
Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews
Oskicat record:
Fromm, Alfred. "Alfred Fromm: Wines, Music and Lifelong Education." Interview by Caroline Crawford, Elaine Dorfman and Ruth Teiser in 1984, 1986 and 1987. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1988.