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Carl A. Helmholz: Faculty Governance and Physics at UCB, 1937-1990

Helmholz, Carl A.
Hale, Graham
Lage, Ann
Carl A. Helmholz: Faculty Governance and Physics at UCB, 1937-1990
Family and youth in Rochester, MN; education, Harvard and Cambridge, 1930s; graduate studies and research work in high energy physics at the Radiation Laboratory, UC Berkeley, 1937-1950s: recalls Ernest Lawrence, Burton Moyer, Harvey White, Emilio Segrè, Edward Teller, Manhattan Project; Department of Physics: chairmanship, 1955-1962, undergraduate and graduate curriculum, loyalty oath controversy, faculty hiring and retention; service on first governing board of faculty retirement system, 1950s; faculty social relationships: Faculty Club, Section Club, Kosmos Club; issues surrounding UC oversight of Livermore and Los Alamos Laboratories; Academic Senate service: committees on University Welfare, Academic Freedom, Educational Policy committees; faculty response to Free Speech Movement and ethnic studies controversies; emeriti affairs. Appended brief biography of Elizabeth L. Helmholz.
Subject area(s):
Science, Technology, and Health
Education, University of California
Interview date(s):
1975 1989 1990
Education and University of California - Individual Interviews
Oskicat record:
Helmholz, Carl A. "Carl A. Helmholz: Faculty Governance and Physics at UCB, 1937-1990." Interview by Graham Hale and Ann Lage in 1975, 1989 and 1990. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1993.