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Michael Fischer: Executive Director of Sierra Club 1987-1992

Fischer, Michael
Lage, Ann
Michael Fischer: Executive Director of Sierra Club 1987-1992
Family and childhood in Mississippi and Texas; M.A. in city and regional planning, UC Berkeley, 1967; work with the California Coastal Commission and in Governor Jerry Brown's Office of Planning and Research, 1973-1985; managing the Sierra Club as executive director: the volunteer board of directors, club presidents Richard Cellarius, Larry Downing, Sue Merrow, Phil Berry, adversarial relationships in the club, budget process and financial strains, fund-raising efforts; relations with the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund; electoral politics; defining the executive director's role as environmental leader: lobbying in Washington, working for environmental justice and diversity, spokesman for the Arctic and the California desert, fostering Sierra Club chapters and groups. [An earlier interview with Fischer is included in the California State Archives Government History Program.]
Subject area(s):
Natural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment
Advocacy and Philanthropy
Interview date(s):
1992 1993
Sierra Club
Oskicat record:
Fischer, Michael. "Michael Fischer: Executive Director of Sierra Club 1987-1992." Interview by Ann Lage in 1992 and 1993. Oral History Center, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1997.